Welcome to Young Leaders for Excellence

Young Leaders For Excellence (YL4E) is a response to the nation’s demand for passion driven leadership in the education sector. YL4E has two primary focuses: provide a platform for continued dialogue and interaction of graduates from amongst the nation’s most selective colleges and ensure high school students matriculate through the nation’s most selective colleges. YL4E brings its resources to high schools across the nation to ensure that students have sufficient resources to apply and gain admission into top colleges. SAT Prep, one-on-one-mentoring pairing, college application support, social outings to build life skills, and many other college prep activities are a part of the individualized curriculum YL4E provides its students.

Reflections from a YL4E Mentor

Having attended one of the nation’s top ranked colleges, I have seen first-hand the skills and unparalleled resources one gets as a graduate. YL4E provided me an opportunity to pay it forward and ensure others continue on this path of excellence. I understand it cannot be achieved through individual efforts, but must be done as a collective group. I enjoy the educational aspects, as well as the social component of the program which ultimately makes it unique.

– Andre G. Gray, Amherst Graduate of 2009