1. What benefits will my child receive over the summer?

  • Free SAT Tutoring

  • One on one mentor assignment

2. What benefits will my child receive throughout the school year?

  • Access to a centralized counsellor to assist with college selection

  • Free attendance to monthly events that raise culturally awareness

  • Ongoing SAT Prep during Junior Year and free Chinese language instruction during senior Year

3. How much time must my child commit?

  • The expectation is that your child attends all sessions. Sessions (not including SAT prep) will be bi-weekly.

  • Additional monthly activities, mentor phone calls/meetings will happen monthly

4. What grade level must my child be in?

  • This program is a two year commitment beginning the Junior year in high school.

5. I just heard about the YL4E program, where do I get an application?

  • Applications are available online. You can email completed applications to apps@yl4e.org.

  • YL4E program dates will not interfere with C.A.S.H.

6. I have additional questions, who do I contact?

  • Please email all questions to questions@yl4e.org

  • Feel free to give us a call, 914-500-8662