Strong Communities

YL4E's Integrated Approach

In today's knowledge based economy, quality education is a prerequisite for success.

For children and youth left behind, a variety of factors contribute to the lack of educational opportunities. For many, a lack of consistent, stable, affordable internet access is a barrier. Consistent internet access requires a stable housing situation, quality connectivity, and adequate space for members of the household. A stable living situation and quality housing is the base on which internet connectivity and educational opportunities can be made available

YL4E's takes a holistic approach to addressing these issues by pairing its education and mentorship programs with internet and housing programs offered selectively in areas where these barriers exist.

Restoring homes where there is the greatest need

Many homes in the hardest hit neighborhoods are in poor condition and have been left abandoned for decades. The presences of these vacant homes make decrease home values, make neighborhoods less desirable, and attract crime.

Homes in out-of-favor neighborhoods that have extensive fire damage or water damage are not economical for private-sector developers to fix, and are thus left abandoned for decades which leased to further deterioration and a prolonged negative impact on neighboring homes.

YL4E targets homes that private developers have passed over, and restores them to productive use. This creates an uplift in the neighborhood and helps neighboring owners justify investing in fixing up their own properties, which deters crime, raises homes values, and attracts newcomers to the neighborhood.

These homes give YL4E a physical anchor point in neighborhoods that can serve as a base for other programs such as community wifi hotspots.